Nampa 200GANA-1904 Magi Friendly, First Shot 1180 Kana A 19 year old fashion professional student Byte of kendo teacher


It is Kinshicho station that I came today. We started Nanpa when the sun was beginning to set! It was the cute girl with a girl style who caught at once! ! I have a panda backpack on my back and there is a panda like a sailor suit! Moreover, it seems somewhat natural like! cute! While being suspected that “Camera is afraid, another place or scary, rewards or scary” comes with me! The name is “Kana”! Anime voice is cute, backpack rucksack is not a bag, it seems like you are friends, when you go to bed at night you are sleeping together! It seems to be talking and is it strange? ! It is also surprising that one thinks that he or she is good at kendo and is teaching in bytes is also wonderful but serious? ! Is not it a pretty funny girl? Ww How it disturbs me, I am enjoying the expansion after this Read more.. 200GANA-1904

Date: ตุลาคม 28, 2018

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