[GirlsWay] Zoey Monroe, Cadence Lux – Oops I Squirted! 1080p


[GirlsWay] Zoey Monroe, Cadence Lux – Oops I Squirted! 1080p

Cadence Lux and Zoey Monroe are enjoying some quality time together on an outdoor balcony, playfully chasing each other and stealing kisses. They dont hesitate to grope each others butts, the heat between them building as they make their way to the front door of the home. Cadence and Zoey are clearly aching for each other, their impatience showing through as hurried words and butt smacks as they fumble with a key to let themselves inside. As soon as they burst through the door, they waste no time crashing together in bed, their mouths hungry for the taste of each other. They heavily make out, gliding their hands over each others heaving bodies until Zoey turns around and invites Cadence to undress her. As Cadence eagerly does so, she peppers Zoeys bare form with kisses while Zoey happily fondles her own breasts in anticipation of whats to come. Even so, Zoey quickly throws Cadence down onto her back instead to start by having her way with her sexy girlfriend. After lavishing Cadences nipples with her hot mouth, Zoey soon kisses her way down to what she really wants to taste — Cadences pussy. Their goal today is to squirt, and theyll do anything to make it happen!

Date: ตุลาคม 23, 2018


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