Bactrim: A Solution for Adult Acne?



For many people with Adult Acne, accutane is considered a last resort option for treatment because of its potential side effects and the time required to be on it. Before considering accutane, there are other powerful options that are on market today. These options are oral antibiotics, which have been proven to be very effective in combating acne. One of these antibiotics that is popular for combating acne is known as Bactrim.

Bactrim is an oral compound composed of two different antibiotics, sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. The combination of these two different antibiotics work synergistically to provide a potent combination for fighting bacteria. It is used to treat a variety of infections including acne. Many people forget that antibiotics can be used to help clear up acne. Acne is caused by bacterial infections inside the pores of the skin. A strong enough antibiotic will eliminate the infection and thus clear up the skin faster.

Many people report that Bactrim is one of the very few oral antibiotics on the market that actual work in clearing up acne and cysts for adults. Some users reported acne clearing up within 2 weeks of being administered the antibiotics.

For what it is worth, the good does not come without the bad. Bactrim is a powerful antibiotic, and thus it has some pretty nasty side effects. Nausea, rashes, diarrhea are just some of the side effects reported with Bactrim, and they do get worse. Before asking a Doctor for a prescription, be certain to let them know of all allergies, and follow the directions as prescribed. Risking your health is not worth a clear face.


แจกวาร์ป18+ by Erik Sturgis

Date: พฤศจิกายน 15, 2018


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